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Water Margin

Hướng dẫn trò chơi

-Water Margin Symbol subtitutes for all other symbols.

Payline :
-Win paid from left to right and right to left.

Tiền thưởng và vòng quay miễn phí

Bonus Game:
- When 3 Water Margin Symbol appear, free 1 Bonus Game.
- When 4 Water Margin Symbol appear, free 2 Bonus Game.
- When 5 Water Margin Symbol appear , free 3 Bomus Game.
When runlight icon matches wheel icon, the prizes multiplied by icon multiplier.
3 same icons on wheel rewarding 20x mutiplier.
4 same icons onwheel rewarding 500x multiplier.


Gamble Game:
Gamble game is a dice based giessinggame where player can win by betting correctly on the total score of the 2 dice.